Level 3 challenge 11

Hi, I’m struggling with this sentence: I would tell you if he could but he didn’t tell me. This is what I think I am hearing. Byddwn I daeth o ti ‘swn i’n medru ond naeth o ddim deud wrtha fi. It’s the daeth and naeth in particular, that I’m not sure about. Is there anyone out there who can help? Diolch

What you’re hearing is Byddwn i’n deud wrthot ti 'swn i’n medru ond naeth o ddim deud wrthaf i.

So what you’re hearing as daeth (3rd person past tense of dod) is actually deud wrth (the verb ‘to tell’**). Naeth is the past tense of “to do”, so “naeth o ddim” gives you the “he didn’t”.

** dweud is ‘to say’, but with the ‘wrth’ it’s ‘to tell’ (i.e. to say to) - and deud is the spoken version of dweud.


Oh, once again this makes perfect sense now. Thank you so much, have a lovely day, Mandy


I’ve just been revising level 2 challenge 25 and wondering about the same sentence. The ‘dweud wrtho ti’ sounds like it’s contracted into “deu’ 'tho ti”. Is this right, or am I hearing it wrong?

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Hi, yes, I think it is the same sentence!

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could well be - I should say I haven’t actually listened to it, but in speech that often happens.

Yup, exactly right… :slight_smile:

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