Level 3 Automagic South

Hi all,
Just wondering if you can update on when the southern level 3 will be uploaded to Automagic? Are we looking at weeks or months do you think (I’m at 40 hours now and it’s stopped the new material)?
Thanks as always

All I can tell you at the moment is that the Tech Team are working on it, and I’m helping with checking the content, so it’s in progress and hopefully it’s just a question of weeks.

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Brilliant, thanks so much. Just trying to plan the next phase of my learning. That really helps.
Thank you for all that you are doing, it’s very inspiring!


Would it be ok to let me know on here when level 3 has been added so I can return to Automagic as soon poss (I miss it in my daily routine!- no other welsh learning I try and do is as fun or effective!).
Thanks again!


Any news on progress @Deborah-SSi ? Thanks

I believe we’re waiting on the recording to be done at the moment, so it’s getting closer.
We’re also in the final stages of testing a new mobile app version of AutoMagic, for both iOS and Android, so that’s around the corner as well.


Thanks Deborah

Hi Deborah, could you please update on any progress here? I love SSIW, but for 6 months now I’ve been paying a subscription for something I’m not using. Are we still many months away from getting level 3 South on Automagic do you think? Thanks

I don’t think it’s “many months”. There have been some technical hitches with extracting the material from the old system that we had, but it’s in progress now. If it doesn’t make it by the end of this month, it shouldn’t be long after that.

Thanks a lot, appreciate it