Level 20 course 1 or level 1 course?


I am particularly challenged here as a Yorkshireman living in Bedfordshire and trying to learn Welsh!

I have completed lessons 1-19 of Course 1 and really enjoyed it. The question is should I continue and complete course 1 or start on level 1?

Advice appreciated



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You’ve done most of it so, I would finish Course 1 first. But, skip the vocabs for now and go to Level 1 after completing Course 1.


Thanks Craig

I did Course 1 (Northern) then Vocabs, then Course 2 (Northern). I’m now doing Level 1 (Northern). I think it’s probably a good thing to work through ALL the lessons, both Courses and Levels, that SSiW offer, as it is all learning and reinforcement. I’m really enjoying Level 1 now, but I’m glad I’ve done both Courses! Pob lwc!


Hi Rich, I’m a Yorkie too, born in Leeds but Anglo Welsh, glad to hear there’s another one, tha sees😀
It’s good advice from Ruth and probably worth giving Level 1 a crack to see how it goes. It’s all great stuff in my view, just keep plugging away with a smile and tha’ll be reight😀


Many thanks for your support. I was born in Bradford but have Welsh heritage. Loving learning the lingo with SSIW


Thanks Ruth

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Welcome to the forum, Richard! :sunny:

I agree with the other comments in here :thumbsup:

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