Level 2 only allows learning via listening~ why though?

SaySomethingIn Spanish is brilliant! Thanku so much. I finished Level one and embarked on Level 2 ~ but level 2 only gives me the option to do the learning via the listening version. I really liked that in level one i could see the text. After the words appeared on the screen in English i would try to say them in Spanish. Then I’d listen to the lady saying them in Spanish and try to concentrate on understanding what she was saying exactly~ as if i didn’t already know the English. Then when the words came on the screen i would either say them again in Spanish~ or say the words to myself in English~ thereby enhancing my reading skills i believe. But i can’t do that anymore,which is making learning much harder

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Hi Lisa - it will feel harder, but all our available evidence tells us that it is a valuable extra level of pain - that your listening skills will improve more rapidly without the words, because it is tougher…:slight_smile:

We are planning to produce all of them with video options (and warnings to let people know that their learning will probably go better if they just use sound files) but it isn’t at the top of our to-do list right now, I’m afraid.

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I found it hard at first without the words in Spanish. I am on Challenge 17 Level 2 now, and it is hard but I feel I am learning. I have to repeat the Challenge a couple of times now. Good luck!