Level 2 not working on Chromebook

I have just finished Level 1 and have started Level two on my ipad but can’t get it on my chromebook! I just keep getting the message that it is unavailable…

Sorry to hear that, @xhelenlane. I’ve tagged our fab tech colleagues @Kinetic & @lewie who I’m sure will be able to offer some suggestions on what’s happening.

Thank you.

Hi @xhelenlane, when you say that it says “unavailable”, could you give me the exact message? That should help give a clearer idea of what it might mean.

I’d also make sure you’re logged in properly (and to the correct account) on the Chromebook. If you go to https://www.saysomethingin.com/login (on the Chromebook), does it show you a login form with boxes for email address and password? Or does it take you straight to some lesson page or similar? If it’s the former, then entering your login details there should hopefully sort the problem.

Hi, the exact message is ‘The lesson could not be found’

Yes, I am logged in using email address and password and can get to Level 1/Challenge 25.
The only way I can see of getting to level 2 is to change the web address at the top of the page from level1/challenge25 to level2/channel1 That is when the message comes up.
As I said previously I have no problems on my ipad but that doesn’t give me access to the vocabulary.

If you look at the challenge screen on the iOS app @xhelenlane, you should see a small coloured speech bubble in the top right-hand corner ( below the Challenge bar) - if you hold your finger on that, it should give you the ‘Vocabulary Introduced’ list for that challenge.

(If you tap ‘All’ in the bottom right-hand corner, you’ll even be able to scroll through the vocab lists for different challenges. Which can be really useful if you want to search for a word but can’t remember which challenge it was introduced in!)

I realise I’ve assumed that you’re using the iOS SSiW app…

Thank you! That’s really useful! Being the wrong side of 70 I usually ask my ‘children’ but they didn’t know this one!

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