Level 2 - lessons 1 -10: a disappointment

Just bought the first ten lessons of level 2 and I have to say that I am really rather disappointed so far, to put it mildly.
I find the decision to use this topic absolutely bizarre.
Moreover, however, there is no visual cue this time around. I believe that having that visual cue available (at least for the first pass through) facilitates and enables much quicker learning than not having it available at all. It would be better for it to be left up to the individual learner to decide whether or not to use the visual cue.
I am hoping for an improvement in lessons 11 - 20.

I’m very sorry you’re not enjoying these lessons - @kinetic, could you refund David his £10 for these lessons?

Well, quite a few people have children - but the key point here, of course, is that these structures are getting you used to plurals in general.

The videos are a very recent addition, and we will be doing the work to add them to Level 2. It takes time, though. But we have no evidence to date that the videos accelerate the learning process - in fact, we suspect it’s the other way round - the sense of familiarity they give you is easily mistaken for learning, but (see research on ‘desirable difficulty’ or ‘interleaving’) often not the same thing at all…

Refund issued!

And yeah, Level 1 Spanish is the only part of any of our material which so far has videos available, since they’re such a recent addition - SSi courses have always been traditionally audio-only, and audio remains at the heart of the method. But in any case, things are definitely already in motion to get the same thing added to Level 2 - I’m just not quite there yet. :slight_smile:

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I am surprised and puzzled by your email/post today (Monday, 28 August 2017).
I was not looking for and do not want a refund.
Moreover, I deleted my original post first thing on Saturday, 26 August 2017!!!

I’m not really a fan of deleted posts, to be honest - and particularly not when they express disappointment, which is very important for us to hear about.

I know you didn’t ask for a refund, but it’s important to us not to take money from people who aren’t happy with what they get in return. I’m sorry if that makes you feel uncomfortable - if it does, you could always pass it on to the next homeless or struggling person you see… :slight_smile:

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As you know I’ve been re-visiting the lessons over the past couple of weeks and when I first saw the videos on level one I was quite excited, I thought it would make it easier. But I ended up “switching them off” by just listening to the audio on my mp3 player instead. I’m sure you can explain why it didn’t work so well better than me but I found it just didn’t work as well.

The stuff I’ve learned from audio only seems to have really sunk in - the bits where I’ve relied on the videos I still remember but differently, I have to visualise the word / spelling etc in my head before I can recall it, so it’s slower.

That probably doesn’t make much sense but it’s my experience lol.

Anyway not revisiting level one anymore and, as you said, there isn’t that option with level two.

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The best work I’m aware of in this particular area is Dr Robert Bjork at the University of California on what he calls ‘desirable difficulty’ - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtmMMR7SJKw and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desirable_difficulty - so the fact that it’s a bit easier when you see the words may actually undermine (although not actually stop!) the learning process - and it’s very interesting that you’ve been conscious of the difference, because we’re often not all that good at spotting what is really working…:wink: