Level 2 How do I get it?

I’ve just joined the community, hello all! I have the SSiW app on my I-phone and have completed level 1 for both the old and new courses. I would like to move on to level 2, how can I do that? Is it available via the app? Thank you for your answer.


It is. I forget how you do it, it isn’t free like Level 1, you need to set up a subscription to SSiW. Once that’s done, if I recall it all happened fairly automatically. Llongyfarchiadau for getting through Level 1, loads more fun awaits!

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Yes - you need to set up a subscription on the site, and then log in to your account on the app, and then you’ll have access on the app… :slight_smile:

@Y_Ddraig_Las: Diolch! That was quite easy, I’m all set up. All the new courses should keep me busy for a while. I am glad it is arranged so easily as I am off on holiday for three weeks this Friday, so now I can spend more time learning Welsh :smile:


No more needs to be said except

Llongyfarchiadau mawr! and Croeso yma of course …



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Answers a question I had. Thanks all :+1:t2: