Level 2 challenge 5 don’t wait for me

I’m sorry, but I cannot hear what the Welsh is for: “Don’t wait for me if you’re ready now”: “Paid ??? (ag??) aros amdani, os ??? (dych chi??) yn barod nowr.

It’s “Peidiwch aros amdanaf i os 'dych chi’n barod nawr”

Thank you. Perhaps you can explain why it is “peidiwch” or is “paid ag” also a good way of translating?
I like the challenges very much; everytime I hear something new throwing in and that helps me to remember it.

Peidiwch is the formal/plural version of paid (informal/singular)
Technically they should both be followed by â (or ag in front of vowels), but in speech this is often omitted or ‘swallowed up’, so is not always heard.

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