Level 2 Challenge 3 Listening

I’ve just listened, as requested, to Listening exercises 5,4,3 and 2 in that order. Well, I reckon that I could now understand Exercise 2 ok if it was at normal speed. That’s encouraging. I’m finding Level 2 quite difficult so far, but I guess it’s best to keep going. By the end of a week I’m normally ok.


Great news on the listening.
I found that to a certain extent, each level tended to come back for another orbit, so to speak, but to add another layer each time. So although the material is more advanced, the pattern of learning doesn’t change too much, and you are coming in at a stronger point than you did at the beginning of level 1.

So as you go, it will all be sinking in and by the time you get to Level 3, you’ll be saying the same thing about how easy level 2 was :smiley: