Level 2 Challenge 24 Hitting the Wall

Wow- I felt I was zipping along quite nicely until I ran into a wall on Challenge 24 of level 2. It’s not sinking in very well and it may be the first time I have really felt the need to repeat a Challenge before moving on.
is " 'swn i medru" the same as saying “os fedrwn i” ?

It’s not exactly the same, but they are so similar that you definitely shouldn’t lose any sleep over mixing them up – both are used for conditional clauses.
Technically speaking, os is used for open conditionals, so it describes something that is possible, or likely to happen:
If I can go to the party, will you go, too?Os fedrwn i mynd i’r parti, fyddet ti’n mynd hefyd?

Whereas (pe) taswn and the like are used for closed conditionals / hypotheticals:
I would help you if I couldBaswn i’n dy helpu di 'swn i’n medru.

Bottom line, don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I will press onward as I sort of understand it now.