Level 2 challenge 23

Hello. Around 17 minutes “They want to be more open about it”. In the welsh translation I hear: “Dyllen nhw…” which is “They should…” in stead of “Maen nhw moyn…”. Did I hear it wrong?

I think you misheard the English - the sentence is “They ought to be more open about it”, so dylen nhw (they should/they ought) is correct.

Thank you. Sometimes it is very difficult for me (I’m Dutch living in West-Wales) to hear what is said. For instance also for: fairly and very. The translation makes it clear. By the way: my Welsh friends here never heard of “rwtsh” for “rubbish”; it is “sbwriel” (rubbish) or “dwli” for nonsense. So I learned 2 new words I will not forget. I’m still enjoying the challenges.