Level 2, challenge 2

I am finding Level 2 harder with challenging pronunciations and feel I am going to be quite needy on the forum with asking questions! Maybe I should sign up for 6 month course rather than ploughing through L2 and then Into The Deep End … I wouldn’t mind repeating Level 1 - you can never learn less!

Anyway my question is … my immediate response to ‘What are you going to do yourself’ was ‘Wyt ti’n mynd i neud eich hunain ‘ but response given was ‘be’dach i’n mynd i neud eich hunain’:flushed:. Where did ‘dach’ come from?

Also instead of ‘nest ti fwynhau’ it was ‘naethoch chi…’ instead of ‘wyt ti’n barod eich hunain’ it was ‘Dach i’n barod…’ …?

Thank you - this forum is brilliant!


There are two ways of saying “you” in Welsh - ti and chi. The forms of bod that accompany them are wyt and 'dach ('dach comes from a longer version which you may come across, but just stick with 'dach!).

Ti (e.g. wyt ti) is the singular/informal form and Chi (e.g. 'dach chi) is the plural/formal form.

All the examples you mention are simply using the plural/formal version instead of the singular/informal one.


Brilliant - thank you - fog cleared!


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