Level 2, challenge 19 question

Sa i’n moyn and dwi ddim yn moyn seem to both be used for I don’t want to. Is there some subtle difference I’m missing or are they interchangeable?

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Same thing! Sa i’n is the southern version.

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Strange. I did the occasional class in the Cardiff/Valleys area and they always taught dwi ddim yn moyn.

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Don’t worry about it - lots of traditional courses stick to teaching one particular phrase even though there are often other ways of saying the same thing. I think they avoid using regional variations because “it is too confusing” - but then it’s just as confusing to hear them used naturally and not know what they are, so that’s why SSiW exposes learners to lots of different forms - it may be confusing to start with but it pays dividends in the end!
The trick is to use whichever version comes naturally to you and just be aware of the other versions :slight_smile:


I hadn’t picked up Sa i’n either till quite recently, but now I have I hear them using it all the time on Pobol y Cwm.