Level 2 Challenge 11 South

Please could someone explain why it’s amdano fe and not amdani in the following sentence:

‘Did you read that book I wanted to talk about?’ 'Wnest ti ddarllen y llyfr ‘na o’n i’n moyn siarad amdano fe?’ (25:44)

Because ‘book’ is a masculine noun, so it needs the masculine form of ‘am’ which is ‘amdano’ - ‘amdani’ is the feminine form so is used when referring to a feminine noun.

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Diolch! Is there any reason why fe is also included, i.e. all the other sentences in challenge 11 use just amdani, not amdani hi? Would the sentence above still make sense if fe wasn’t included?

The hi and fe (or fo) here are both optional - sometimes they are included for emphasis, but they can be included or left out without losing the sense of the sentence (because amdano and amdani are already telling you the gender)

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