Level 2 Challenge 1 'eisiau rhywbeth arnat ti' (South)

I am halfway through Level 2 Challenge 1 and have come up against something new which doesn’t seem to be covered in the vocab list or in the examples.
Obviously we’ve had loads of ‘you need to [verb]’, ‘mae eisiau i ti [verb with soft mutation]’, up to now, but this one seems to be a need for a noun.
‘… that you needed something’ sounds to be ‘… bod eisiau rhywbeth arnat ti’ - which makes sense I guess (‘that there is a need for something on you’) - have I got this right please? (I’m assuming the pattern would be the same if it had mae instead of bod on the front.)
Apologies if ‘need for a noun’ was covered in an earlier challenge and I failed to spot it.
Also, if the rhywbeth were replaced by a noun that is affected by soft mutation, e.g. diod, would it mutate?
Thanks a lot


Hi @mandy-shaw

Yes - when there is a need for a noun/ thing, it swaps to this pattern.

The thing that causes the soft mutation in the Mae eisiau i fi (verb with soft mutation), is being right next to the subject of the sentence - ‘fi’ in this case. The same thing happens with verbs with endings eg welais i gi - i saw a dog.

So the noun does not mutate with the new structure.

Rich :slightly_smiling_face:

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Brilliant, many thanks.

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