Level 2 App missing

Is it me as level 2 has disappeared ?

So…level 2 of the course has disappeared from the app you’re using?

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I’ve tested. On Android I have it all on regular and test app. Popeth yn iawn.

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I only have level 1 and course 1 too. All my downloaded lessons for courses 2,3 and level 2 have disappeared from my iPad app. :scream:

Yes my Level 2 had disappeared from iPhone

I suspect that you need to sign in again to your SSi account in the app on your iPhone/iPad to refresh your membership details. All the member content should then reappear.

I don’t know if you’ll need to redownload the lessons since I don’t have an iPhone to test it with

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tagging @lewie for more/better help

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I am signed in
Just really odd

You need to sign in again i.e. sign out from the settings page, and then re-enter your username and password

(Assuming the settings page has a “sign out” button. If it doesn’t then you will have to wait for @lewie to come online to help you fix this issue)

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Here’s the thread where @lewie described the problem

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Tried signing out and back in
Taken app off and reinstalled
Most odd

And neither of those helped?


definitely one for Mr @lewie then!

@lewie - I found my iPad and signed in with my user account. I cannot see level 2 either - but API v1 is returning those courses to me when I try and access them

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Oh dear. In an attempt to fix something else, I bungled the configuration of Level 2, making it disappear for a bit. Huge apologies to everyone. Everything should be normal now. However it is possible that you may need to quit and restart the app to get things completely back to normal.


Diolch Lewie! Mine is all back now too.

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