Level 2 and all at sea

Can’t seem to get on with level 2 at all…any tips?!

There seems to be a lot that I’m expected to know from level 1, that I don’t think I learnt. Does the app switch back to South Wales after level 1 or something? Or do I just need to repeat level 1 again (have done it several times)?

Hi @rebecca-lewis-1

Hmmm :thinking: - that’s a strange one!

So, no, it shouldn’t switch back to southern but you can check by clicking on the cog wheel (iPhone App - bottom right) to see what is selected (see below).

Can I check it says Level 2 above the Lesson number?..there is an Old Course available on the App but that would say Old Course above the Lesson.

If none of these, could you give an example of something that seems expected but that is new?

Rich :slight_smile:

I’m feeling very lost with level 2. I’m forgetting the most basic things and I’m finding it very dispiriting. I’m almost dreading doing it!

Hi @sylvia-walter

Firstly congratulations!..on reaching level 2! :tada::dancer: because having done that, you have a lot of Welsh on board.

Secondly I’d say that on this strange journey, there are little patches where it seems that you can’t remember anything and nothings going in; however it is!..your brain is still working on things…and it will surprise you later when a phrase you thought you’d never get to grips with emerges from your lips - it’s amazing. :crazy_face:

Thirdly, it’s always good to find a way which you enjoy - as it’s your very own learning journey, which doesn’t need to be rushed - so I’d definitely recommend tweaking the things that you are not enjoying…

Lastly, and maybe part of the above, are you getting chance to speak with others Sylvia? This is something which turns all of the hard work into something worthwhile - whilst it might take time to get going, you will still gets little ‘wins’ out of it which will make you realise it is working. :sunny:

The SSIW method has many things going for it, but I guess the major one is that it works - I can vouch for that. That is not the same as saying it’s easy all of the time but you are on the way to being a fluent Welsh speaker. Dal ati - keep it up!

Rich :slight_smile:

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Hi Rebecca, I studied the southern course so can’t comment on the switch but i found Level 2 flowed nicely on from Level 1 so if it’s remarkably different are you sure you haven’t picked up the old course instead? If it’s just that you’ve not learned the Level.1 content sufficiently it may be worth trying to get a speaking partner organised so you can do some practice… Speaking the lingo is the only real way to learn.
Don’t lose heart,