Level 2 a bit too much?

I am on lesson 3 on level 2 and I must say it is definitely a struggle and the words are so much more difficult to say and remember. Is there a simple way to remember the phrases?

Don’t worry we all go through stages in learning where we think are never getting where we want to go. Sometimes I would jus listen to the lesson without trying to say what is being asked. Then go back 1 or 2 lessons and by the time I would get to that lesson again it would not be a bigger hurdle that I thought. We all don’t learn at the same rate or same way. Aran has put up some videos on you tube regarding the different ways we learn. You are doing very well, dal ati! (keep at it) You will get to where you want to go.


Level 2 has been harder but stick with it. Later on sone familiar phrases are put in, see it as a challenge and don’t get disheartened. There was a phrase that wouldn’t stick and I moved on meaning to go back. Then the next challenge I did it came up again and somehow I knew it. :slight_smile:


Level 2 meant a change of gear for me too. Sneak peak: I found challenge 5 way more pleasant/manageable than 1-4! :slight_smile:

Did you encounter any hard challenges in Level 1 at all? If yes, think back to them and remember how you’d been struggling and finally, miraculously emerged victorious! This is what I do. I know the method works because I’ve already learned plenty of things I seriously doubted would ever go into my head at all.

Keep at it. I’m sure you’ll find your rhythm again.


Diolch yn fawr iawn, pawb. I will persevere. I do enjoy the lessons and although a few of the lessons in level 1 which were a bit difficult (8 - 10) it did feel good when I got over them.


I am at exactly the same point @camille-hill…your post very much resonated! My brain is in a state of constant scramble :blush::crazy_face:


That lovely feeling of new synapses being built… :wink: :star2:

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Absolutely! This course is both brain and life changing…:slightly_smiling_face:


Haha! I struggled with 1-3, thought I’d cracked it when I got to 4 and 5 is giving me some problems. I guess we all learn slightly differently. The only conclusion to be drawn is to persist. It clicks eventually.