Level 1 (New) or Course 1?

I am getting started on SSIW and saw that there is Course 1 and Level 1. I went to the FAQ section and it says use Level 1 if you want to go the Assessment Route. I would appreciate some help here, where does one begin and what is the assessment route? I haven’t been able to find out on the site. I understand from other visits to the site that there is a new version and an older one (so far I have come to two links that no longer work because they were from the old version). I am finding this quite confusing. Any help much appreciated. I don’t want to begin and then find I am in the middle of something that has been improved upon. Many thanks.

Shwmae Linda! Croeso i SSiW a’r fforwm! (Welcome to SSiW and the forum!)

Level 1 is the new version of the SSiW course which is currently in development now. The North Wales version of Level 1 is complete, while the South Wales version is still being published. But it’s this new course which will qualify you to enter for a recognised assessment. There will be more levels to come for both dialects.
The old course has 3 levels which are complete and available now, and are still as effective as the new course will be. There is nothing stopping you from doing both if you wanted to - it can be beneficial, but the choice is yours!

Good luck with the course, whichever one you choose!

Linda, I’d suggest starting with Level 1 - there are several years of extra thought in it! Not to mention a different and important approach to listening exercises. And if you do happen to get to the end of what’s available now, you can always supplement it with Course 1, 2, 3…:smile: