Level 1 is amazing! Great way of learning! So southern or northern or both?

Almost completed level 1 and can’t believe how good it is. I’ve done lots of welsh courses before but not had chance to practice recently so had a recommendation to give it a go and it’s quality!

Before I proceed to level 2- just 2 quick questions- is it available in both southern and northern versions? Also roughly when will the level 2 versions be finished and will there be a level 3 or even 4?!

Diolch pawb


Shwmae Greg, a da iawn ti am fron cwblhau Lefel 1!

If you have completed the northern course, then Level 2 beckons! There are currently 11 challenges available in Level 2, with more on the way soon.
If you’ve completed the Southern course, there is still challenge 25 to come in Level 1, and there will be a Level 2 as well, however, Cat (the female voice in the Southern course) has unfortunaltely been in poor health for a while now, so the available challenges are currently much less than the Northern course.

There is, if you want to continue the learning while youre waiting for new Level 2 lessons, the old course, which is available in entireity for both North and South regions. But since the new Levels will eventually replace the old course, it may be better to stick with the new material.
Or, why not have a go at different dialect? You will find most of the Welsh is actually the same for both dialects, but some words will either be different to the other, or spoken differently. Getting used to the differences can be a great help, since words used in the Northern course are often used in the South too, and vice-versa.

As for a Level 3 or 4, I believe Aran has mentioned that a Level 3 will come about, but he will be the best person to answer that question.

Whatever you decide to do, dal ati, a phob lwc!


Welcome to the forum, Greg, and thank you very much for your really kind words :sunny:

We’ve got a lot of publishing lined up for the next month or two - we should have Level 2 fully published, north and south, before too much longer - and yes, we will then be moving on to Level 3. As for 4 - well - I don’t think it’ll really be necessary, in terms of the learning - but we know people get a bit hooked on the process, so it’s not impossible…:wink:


Diolch Aran! I have done all the wjec courses but plateaued recently- this has really kick started my brain back into Welsh in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible.

It’s probably mentioned elsewhere but I’ve always had “dw i eisiau” drilled into me and never been formally introduced to “moyn” before but I’ve heard people use it. Is there a reason for the change to “Mae eisiau i fi…”?

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In the South course, this means “I need”. Literally “There is a need for me”.


Yes and “moyn” is “to want” …

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