Level 1 course guide help for the hearing impaired?

Are there any course guides for the Level 1 (South) Challenges please?

I am hearing impaired, so cannot always quite make out a word. For Course 1 (which I followed up to Lesson 7 before switching to the new Level 1), I was able to refer to the printed guides, but I cannot find any text for Level 1. If there are, please direct me to them. If not–can anyone please tell me what I an hearing in Welsh for: “That I…”, also “I was…” as in “I was trying” and “I wanted to say”. Diolch yn fawr, Marilyn

Here you go: https://www.saysomethingin.com/L1-Content-De.pdf

Pob lwc!

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Brilliant Tatjana–diolch yn fawr!!!


You’re welcome. I’d maybe post where you can find it on the site but I am aware that those who don’t have new layout yet can’t see those new guides from there.

I’m happy if you can help yourself with it the way you need and want.