Level 1 Challenge 4 done

Just wanted to add a quick comment to say what a fantastic resource SSi is. Just 4 challenges in and I’m amazed at how much Welsh I’ve been able to learn in that short time. Having tried many different methods of language learning this is by far the most effective I’ve ever tried. Diolch yn fawr iawn i pawb at SSi. Now that I’ve done 4 of the new challenges I’m used to the idea that 15/20mins in my head feels scrambled, but I now know that the more difficult sentences from the earlier challenges are now starting to take root in my head and somehow dw i’n gallu cofio! Diolch a da iawn for pushing us.

And I love the new design btw. Great work. :clap:


Fab - thank you, Alex! Great to hear that you’re off to such a strong start… :star: :star2:

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