Level 1 Challenge 23

Don’t know how important this is but Iestyn and Kat say wela’ i ti but the notes and the example say wela’ i di. Also, they say yna but the notes say yno.

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I think Wela’i di and Wela’i ti are both correct.
As are yna and yno! Yno maybe being more Northern dialect. Some Northernisms slip in everywhere and vice versa,

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Good catch - that’s impressive listening skills at this stage of the journey… :slight_smile:


Just wondering about the use of chdi, ti and chi in this challenge:
Wela i chdi yn nes ymlaen pan wyt ti’n barod

Presumably you’d use the correct version of ‘you’ in both parts of the sentence, depending on to who you’re speaking?
Wela i chdi yn nes ymlaen pan wyt chdi’n barod
Wela i ti yn nes ymlaen pan wyt ti’n barod
Wela i chi yn nes ymlaen pan wyt chi’n barod

If speaking to someone in a position of authority, presumably you would use the last one with chi, for example?


Yes, you’ve almost got it for the ti and chi forms, but not for the chdi form - you wouldn’t hear “wyt chdi” because it’s far too clunky. You’d hear “Wela I chdi yn nes ymlaen pan wyt ti’n barod”.

For the chi form, you wouldn’t use wyt at all (that’s only ever used with the ti form). That one would be “Wela I chi yn nes ymlaen pan 'dach chi’n barod”

That’s so helpful, diolch yn fawr iawn.

My first language Welsh speaking partner is always using chdi with me so just wanted to clarify!

Diolch eto

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