Level 1 Challenge 21

Quite a few new verb conjugations and stuff is this challenge, for the third person plural, that aren’t covered in the vocab. I suspect I may have struggled to figure out what was being said had the conjugations not been somewhat familiar to me from previous studies.

¡Hola Doug!

As Aran warns in the Introduction, a few things do get used in the sentences without formal introduction in this Level. However, the patterns you mention do get plenty of coverage in Level 2 - but even there you will find the odd new thing gets slipped in. This is a really interesting feature of the method, as it challenges your ear for the language and also engenders those “oh, of course!” moments later on when it suddenly clicks. The important thing is not to get hung up on them, either if you picked them up and mentally went “what the …?” or they passed you by without you noticing. If you have done some Spanish before (as you yourself have), then they are a little bonus tucked away in the Challenge for you to discover.

The listening exercises have plenty of new vocab in them as well, if you can make it out, which you are meant to absorb naturally and intuit the meaning of over time (or just look at the transcripts and use a dictionary!).

I am glad to see that you are nearing the end of the Level. Still up for a Skype chat when you have finished it?

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Yep :slight_smile:
Are there transcripts of the content of the challenges, other than just the vocab list?

'Fraid not.


Ah, sorry mate. You were referring to the listening exercises. :slight_smile:
Ye gods, I couldn’t possibly interpret the double speed listening exercises without the transcripts! :slight_smile: