Level 1 Challenge 21 South

Please could someone explain why bore changes to fore in the following sentence in Challenge 21:

“He wanted to watch a bit of television on Sunday morning” is “Oedd e’n moyn gwylio bach o teledu fore dydd Sul” (4:11)


Hi @diana-allpress

This softening indicates the ‘on’ in ‘on Sunday morning’.

If it was just ‘on Sunday’, the dydd would soften instead…

Oedd e’n moyn gwylio bach o deledu ddydd Sul.

The ‘ar’ you might expect is used to indicate every Sunday morning in Welsh.

Oedd e’n hoffi gwylio bach o deledu ar fore dydd Sul

He liked to watch a bit of television on Sunday mornings (ie every Sunday morning)

Does that make sense?

Rich :slight_smile:

Hi @rich
Thanks for the explanation! So if I understand correctly are the following correct:

‘on Sunday morning’ (1 Sunday) would be ‘ddydd Sul’
‘on Sunday morning’ (1 morning) would be ‘fore dydd Sul’
‘on Sundays’ (every Sunday) would be ‘ar ddydd Sul’
‘on Sunday mornings’ (every Sunday morning) would be ‘ar fore dydd Sul’

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…very good - I think you meant this, as everything else is correct and as written is a duplicate - the first one is correct for ‘on Sunday’ (not morning)…

Rich :slight_smile:

I did yes - the perils of writing at night! Diolch :blush: