Level 1 Challenge 18 Southern

Confused again! Can someone please explain why the Welsh for ‘very’ is different for hapus and synnu in Challenge 18, as in the following sentences:

“I’m very happy with how much I’ve done” is “Dw i’n hapus iawn gyda faint dw i wedi gwneud” (13:20)

whilst “I’m very surprised at how much I can say” is “Dw i’n synnu yn fawr at faint galla’ i ddweud” (30:19)

I would have thought they would both be ‘iawn’. Is there a reason or is it just one of those things?

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There actually a reason, with the underlying fact that one word in English has to be translated to different words in Cymraeg (and vice versa), depending on circumstances, and the difference here is that hapus is an adjective, while synnu per se is a verb. So very translates to iawn usually only when it is used to emphasize an adjective, in other cases you usually use yn fawr.


Brilliant, diolch yn fawr! I like to understand the reason - helps me remember!

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