Level 1 Challenge 16

Am going through everything again but I now notice in this Challenge that there is a change which is confusing me. Having learnt dweddod e wrthai i (hope the spelling is right) for “he told me”, about half way though the Challenge it suddenly seems to change to what I think is wnaeth e ddwued wrthai i. I can see that both might conceivably be correct but why the sudden change, having previously placed such emphasis on dweddod? Not sure about anything now!


Hi Kevin!

I just gave Challenge 16 (South) a go for the first time yesterday, and a second time today. It has been my experience from the Challenges so far, and the questions I have read from learners here on the forum, that they are just trying to expose you to the many variations that you will hear in Welsh so that you recognize them - and then you can choose the one that works best and feels most natural to you. Maybe someone else will have more to add, but that is my impression - and what I remind myself every time I am thrown for a similar loop. Good luck! Pob lwc. :grinning:


Fear not! :slight_smile: A similar question came up yesterday in the Quick questions thread regarding the negative.

However for Challenge 16, it’s just all about:
“He said” (dwedodd e) and “He did say” (naeth e dweud). A short and a longer form.

I hope this helps.


Just getting you used to the variations you’ll hear in real life… :slight_smile:


Yes, it cropped up in the ‘small questions’ thread - here if you haven’t managed to find it.