Level 1 Challenge 14

OK. I hereby challenge ANYONE to do 14 without using the pause button. That’s assuming you want to translate what’s being said of course, as opposed to being happy with just stumbling over a few words :smiley:

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LOL I never use the pause button so I accept your challenge. I found 14 to be a lot easier than 13 to be honest, but I think Aran has said before that 13 and 14 are a tad too hard. Aran always says to just curse him and move on, and that is great advice. You can feel safe in the knowledge that those long sentences are doing you good at a neurological level that you will not be currently aware of, but which will come to the fore in the fulness of time i.e. very soon, when you start to talk to others using your Spanish. They give you a massive headstart over those learners studying through traditional classes or methods, I honestly believe. You are doing great Doug, keep going!

Hasta pronto,


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Stumbling over a few words is great for learning… :slight_smile:

Honestly! :star2:

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