Level 1 ch 4

Sorry if this is a stupid question and any spelling mistakes but…

I think I’d better go now = Dw’in meddwl bod well I mi mynd rwan.
Dw’in meddwl = I think
Well I mi = i’d better
Mynd = go
Rwan = now

Where does the bod come from? Is it just the English that is incorrect and should really be ‘I think that i’d better go now’?


There is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to learning!

I think that I’d better go now…Believe me; BOD is one of those things that you will melt over and around until it settles into the correct pathways. If you search for ‘bod’ using the search feature and wander through the previous discussion threads, you will start to get a handle on it.

I am also following the Northern stream, as it happens. :grin:


Hi @jayne-hitchen,

Yes that is right - you’ve answered your own question - spot on.

In this sentence and in English in general it is quite common for there to be an unstated ‘that’ in a sentence and we don’t even think about it (or I never did at least!).

Welsh likes to include it - certainly in the present tenses (tenses based on bod).

So…like you said… :+1:

Rich :slight_smile:


Not so much ‘incorrect’, just a great example of how languages behave in different ways - over time, the behaviour of your new language also starts to seem natural and obvious, until it can feel quite puzzling when you realise there isn’t really a way to say exactly the same thing in your first language… :slight_smile:


Thanks for your replies. That does make a little more sense now

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To be fair, since learning with SSiW, I’ve found that there is a need to include “that” much more in my English sentences. On the other hand, I’m nearly as bad with using “there is a need” :slight_smile:

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