Lessons keep pausing

I have fallen behind because each time I start a lesson it keeps stopping after 30-40seconds. I have to re sign into my phone and press the play button again. I can’t listen on my headphones whilst jogging anymore as I’m constantly pulling my phone out of my pocket. Can’t do it when I’m driving anymore. Listening at home involves me sitting down (a rare thing) constantly pressing the play button :cry: any ideas?

Hi @sara-jane-goodey

Are you on an iPhone? If so there is a solution in this post here

Rich :slight_smile:

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Yes you guessed! Iphone

Ok - hopefully that should solve it?

Rich :slight_smile:

In case it’s not self-explanatory for everybody, the link to the solution is in the word “here” in rich’s previous message. :wink:
Or you can click below here to see the whole post and the image: