Lesson guide Level 2 new

Can some one help me find it please

Wrth Cwrs!

Here you go for southern version: Course notes for Southern Level 2 (Challenge 21 now available!)

Here’s for northern: Complete level 2 (Northern) Guide

The guides are not in the FAQ yet.


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Hmm…but what happened to the nice and easy pdf for the entire level we used to have? :confused:

@aran @Iestyn,
Thanks so much for sorting out the vocabulary notes.

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@aran now has the pdf file for Level 2 Northern for adding to the website, but Southern is still waiting on Challenge 25 to be published. Once Challenge 25 is available, I will send the completed pdf for Level 2 South for inclusion also.


That’s brilliant, thanks @faithless @aran @Iestyn.
Incidentally, my phone app only takes me up to Challenge 23 when in L2, whereas the website sails on to Challenge 25. The app is handy when driving (carefully). Is there a way to get the last 2 challenges on the phone? Do I need to reinstall, perhaps?

What device are you using the SSiW app on??
The iOS version you should have a complete Level 2 for the north and only challenge 25 missing in the south. You may need to either close the app and reopen it, or log out and log in again to refresh the app, but challenge 24 south is definitely there.

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It’s an oldish Samsung using Android, which I assume updates its software. Regarding the SSiW app, I am thinking of S Wales, level 2, Challenges 24 and 25. I installed the app some weeks ago. Perhaps I’ll try reinstalling now. Not a big problem if it doesn’t work. It won’t kill me come off the app and use the internet for the last couple of challenges.

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Cool! :slight_smile:

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Hi @JohnYoung

Are you following the southern course? If so, challenge 24 should now have appeared, but 25 is only available in northern version. It’s been recorded, but is just being editted and prepared for release now.

If the app still isn;t seeing 24, then there may be a problem, but if it’s only 25 that’s missing, then that’s because I’ve been a bit slow (sorry!)

Editted to add - sorry, faithless78 has just explained that… Diolch Gavin!


Hi, @Iestyn
That’s great thanks. I downloaded Challenge 24 onto my phone and have run through it a few times now. No great panic with 25.