Lesson Guide for Course 1

Hi, does anyone have a working link for the PDF for the South Guide for course 1? The link takes me to the audio files for Level 1. I’ve listened to the bonus track on Course 6 today but it’s so fast in comparison to the others that I really need to try and check out the words, as I just can’t get them :frowning:

@ceribrain Well that’s odd, pretty sure that link used to work just fine! Until someone (@kinetic?) can fix it, you can go to the lesson page, and click where it says “Vocabulary List” below the lesson audio (below where it says “Click here to download mp3”). A box pops up that shows the vocab for each lesson. I’ve cut & pasted the list for the Bonus Lesson 6B from the Course 1 South PDF for you below, to make even easier.

Gwers 6b (bonus)
Phrases Introduced:
Bore da,
Ti’n iawn?
Ydw, diolch yn fawr.
Mae’n ddrwg 'da fi.
Dwi ddim yn siarad Cymraeg yn dda iawn.
Paid siarad Saesneg gyda fi, plîs.
Ti’n siarad braidd yn glou.
Siarada’n arafach, plîs.
Siwd mae’r gwaith?
Fel 'na mae.
Ti’n moyn coffi / dishgled o de?
Dere 'mlane 'te.
'Na ddigon!
Mae isie i ni siarad Saesneg nawr!

Hope that helps!

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Oh, yeah, I got the same thing - sorry about that - @kinetic?! :slight_smile:

Oops, yeah sorry - I transferred some stuff from old hosting to new hosting a few days ago, and didn’t realise any of those old links were still in use! Problem rectified. :slight_smile:

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Whilst the techno-wizards fix the broken link, you can also get the Course 1 South Guide PDF from the old SSIW website via the Wayback Machine Internet Archive.

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