Lesson Guide - Course 3 Southern

Does anyone know if there is a way to access the course notes that were available on the old forum?

If you click on the course title under ‘Learn’, you’ll see links to download the lesson content documents - is that what you’re after? :smile:

I think he must mean the link to the old forum discussion in which Vaughn’s course notes were posted.

The link on that page is broken, but if you change the initial ‘www’ to ‘old’ you can still get there.

Diolch yn fawr iawn i ti a Vaughan.

Making matters easier for myself and to make the notes accessible on the new forum see below: -

Lesson 1

Wedais i - I said
Wedais i ddim - I didn’t say
Wedaist ti - You said
Wedaist ti ddim - You didn’t say
Wedais ti? - Did you say?
Wedodd e - He said
Wedodd hi - She said
Wedodd e ddim - He didn’t say
Wedodd hi ddim - She didn’t say
Wedodd e? - Did he say?
Wedodd hi? - Did she say?
Brysio – Hurry

Lesson 2

Weda i - I (will) say/tell
Weda i ddim - I won’t/don’t say/tell
Wedi di? - Will you say?
Wedith e - He (will) say(s)
Wedith hi - She (will) say(s)
Wedith e ddim - He doesn’t say
Wedith hi ddim - She doesn’t say
Wedith e? - Will he say?
Wedith hi? - Will she say?
Gael - Get
Cyrraedd - Arrive
Faint o’r gloch - What time
Benthyg - Borrow/Lend
Ga’ i ? - May I (have)?

Lesson 3

Wna i - I will do
Wna i ddim - I won’t
Wnei di - You will do/Will you do?
Wnei di ddim - You won’t do
Nôl - Fetch
…na wnei? - …won’t you? (will you not?)
Wneith e - He will do
Wneith hi - She will do
Wneith e ddim - He will not do
Wneith hi ddim - She will not do
Paratoi - Prepare
…at fod yn… - …for being a…

Lesson 4

(G)welais i - I saw
(G)welais i ddim - I didn’t see
(G) welaist ti - You saw
(G)welaist ti ddim - You didn’t see
Welodd e - He saw
Welodd hi - She saw
Welodd e ddim - He didn’t see
Welodd hi ddim - She didn’t see
Welodd e/hi? - Did he/she see?
pa - which
Gwthio – Push

Lesson 5

(G)wela i - I (will) see
(G)wela i ddim - I don’t/won’t see
Meddwl - to mean
(G)weli di - You (will) see
(G)weli di ddim - You don’t/won’t see
Welith e/hi - He/She sees
Welith e/hi ddim - He/She doesn’t see
Mo (dim o’) - not/nothing

Lesson 6

es i - I went
es i ddim - I didn’t go
est ti - you went
est ti ddim - you didn’t go
aeth e/hi - he/she went
aeth e/hi ddim - he/she didn’t go
maddau - forgive
ati - at it

Lesson 7

I will go - Af i
I will not go - Af i ddim
without you - hebddot ti
You will go - Ei di
You won’t go - Ei di ddim
without me - hebddo i
will you? - na wnei?
he/she will go - eith e/hi
he/she will not go - eith e/hi ddim

Lesson 8

des i - I came
ddes i ddim - I didn’t come
dest ti - You came
ddest ti ddim - You didn’t come
daeth e/hi - He/She came
ddaeth e/hi ddim - He/She didn’t come
naddo - …did you?
…os na wnei di… - …if you don’t…

Lesson 9

Ddo’i (Do’i ) - I will come
Ddei di (Dei di)- You will come
Ddo’i ddim / na ddo’i - I won’t come
Ddei di ddim / na ddei di - You won’t come
pan fydd modd i fi - when you are able
daw e/hi - he/she will come
ddaw e/hi ddim or na ddaw e/hi - he/she won’t come

Lesson 10

To hear in the past – clywed

Clywais i – I heard
Clywais ti – You heard
Clywodd e/hi – He/She heard

Glywais i…? – Did I hear…?
Glywais ti…? – Did you hear…?
Glywodd e/hi…? – Did he/she hear…?

Chlywais i ddim – I didn’t hear
Chlywais ti ddim – You didn’t hear
Chlywodd e/hi ddim – He/She didn’t hear

mohono – negative instead of ddim:
eg: Chlywais i mohoni hi – I didn’t hear her
mohono(f) fi, mohonot ti, mohono fe, mohoni hi, mohonon ni, mohonoch chi, mohonyn nhw

mo – negative instead of ddim:
eg: Chlywais i mo’r gath – I didn’t hear the cat
eg: Chlywais i mo mam – I didn’t hear mum
eg: mo’r gath, mo’r cwestiwn, mo mam, mo Aran.

When asking IF, meaning WHETHER, you shouldn’t use OS in Welsh:
I came in order to ask if she heard anything – Des i er moyn gofyn a glywodd hi rhywbeth.

Digwydd – Happen
Digwyddiad – Event
Digwyddiadau – Events

Lesson 11

Cael – Get (Have)
Ges i – I got
Gest ti – You got / Have you got…?
Gaeth e/hi – He/She got (or use – Cafodd e/hi)
Gaeth e/hi…? – Did he/she get…?
Haeddu – To deserve
Gwahanol – Different

Lesson 12

Ches i ddim – I didn’t get
Chest ti ddim – You didn’t get
Chaeth e/hi ddim – He/She didn’t get (or use – Chafodd e/hi)

newid – to change
dal i – to catch/hold/still
cadw – keep
joio – enjoy (or use mwynhau)
noson – evening
trafaelu – travel
tramor – overseas
gwr – husband
Nag oes, wir! – No, really!

Lesson 13

Gei di – You can/get; You will get to…
Chei di ddim – You don’t get; You won’t get; You can’t…
Geith e/hi – He/She can; He/She will get to…
Cheith e/hi ddim – He/She can’t (he/she doesn’t have permission)

Ga’ i…? – Can I…?
Na chei – No, you can’t
Cei a chroeso – Yea, sure
Cei, cei, - Yes, yes (in the Northern version it’s cei, mi gei, but I’m guessing Iestyn leaves out the optional mi/fe)

Lesson 14

Cwyno - Complain
Cymryd rhan - Take part
Casglu - Gather/Collect
Ychydig - Few
Pell (yn bell) - Far
Awgrymu - Suggest
Cha’ i ddim - I can’t
Ymweld (â) - Visit
Llogi - Hire
Neuadd - Hall
Pentref - Village
Cysuro (the noun - cysur) - To comfort

Lesson 15

Coginio – Cook
Unwaith - Once
Blasu – To taste (blas – a taste)
Gwael - Bad
Yn wael – Badly
Archebu – Order
Torri – Cut
Darn(au) - Piece(s)
Hanner – Half
Yn ei hanner - In half
Teisen - Cake
Wir yr – Seriously

Lesson 16

Wedon ni – We said
Wnaethon ni – We did
Welon ni – We saw
Clywon ni – We heard
Gaethon ni – We got/had
Aethon ni – We went
Daethon ni – We came

ar gyfer - for

Northern variations:

Ddidon ni - we said
Clywson ni - we heard
Welson ni - we saw
Gafon ni - we got (alternative to gaethon ni)

Lesson 17

Wedoch chi – You said
Wnaethoch chi – You did
Weloch chi – You saw
Clywoch chi – You heard
Gaethoch chi – You got/had
Aethoch chi – You went
Daethoch chi – You came

Lesson 18

Wedon nhw – They said (Ddudon nhw - up north)
Wnaethon nhw – They did
Welon nhw – They saw
Clywon nhw – They heard
Gaethon nhw – They got
Aethon nhw – They went
Daethon nhw – They came
hollol - completely
digon ffodus – luckily enough

Lesson 19

Wedwn ni – We (will) say
Welwn ni – We (will) see
Nawn ni – We (will) do
Cawn ni (Gawn ni) – We will get/Will we be getting…?/Can we…?
Chawn ni ddim – We won’t get/We can’t
Awn ni – We will go
Dawn ni – We will come
Ddawn ni ddim – We won’t come

Ddaw – comes
Pencampwriaeth – Championship

Lesson 20

Newch chi - You (will) do / Will you do…?
Welwch chi - You (will) see
Cewch chi (Gewch chi) - You (will) get/can have
Chewch chi ddim - You don’t/won’t get [or] You can’t
Ewch chi - You (will) go
Dewch - You (will) come

beth sy’n gyda fi - what I have/mean
gywir - right
beth bynnag – whatever

Lesson 21 (Southern)

Newn nhw – They will do
Cewn nhw (Gewn nhw) – They will get/Will they be getting…?/Can they…?
Chewn nhw ddim – They won’t get/They can’t
Ewn nhw – They will go
Dewn nhw – They will come
Ddewn nhw ddim – They won’t come
Welan nhw – They will see
Wedan nhw – They (will) say

mynnu - insist
dilyn - follow
gwaethygu - worsen

ar fy mhen fy hunan - on my own
ar eich pen eich hunan - on your own
ar ei ben ei hunan - on his own
ar ei phen ei hunan - on her own
ar eu pennau eu hunain - on their own
ar ein pennau ein hunain - on our own

Lesson 22

Alla i? – Can I?
Elli di? – Can you?
Gad i fi… – Let me…
Galla i – I can

mor fuan a phosib – as soon as possible

Lesson 23

Gall e – He can
All e ddim – He can’t
Gall hi – She can
All hi ddim – She can’t
Gallwn ni – We can
Allwn ni – We can’t
Allwn ni…? – Can we…?
Gadewch i ni – Let us

…dim mwy - …any more

Lesson 24

gallan nhw - they can
allan nhw? - can they?
alla nhw ddim - they can not
gallwch chi - you can
allwch chi? - can you?
allwch chi ddim - you can not
Allwch chi ddim…[do something]…na allwch. - You can not…[do something]…can you.

rhesymu - reasoning
dyfalu - guess
ysgwyd (or…siglo) – shake

Lesson 25

bach yn amlach - little more often
tra bod nhw - while they
llonydd - calm
Dwi’n casglu - I gather
pa un - which one
mewn pryd - in time
yn gynharach - earlier
dynn - tight
llydan – wide


Gwych, diolch yn fawr iawn to the both of you - I’ll go fix the link, as well :smile:

Da iawn Hywel John!! Gwych!! Diolch yn fawr iawn! Well done!

Thanks for this, it’s really useful as a reminder of which lesson I need to go over again.Actually I should say lessons as not all the short forms trip off my tongue.

Is there any chance of anyone doing something like this for the Northern Course 3 too? I’m quite a visual learner so I found checking the PDFs absolutely invaluable on Courses 1 & 2 (AFTER doing the lesson, obviously!).
I would offer, but I don’t know how to spell any of it!

PM me with your e-mail for a copy of the Northern Cwrs 3 PDF.



Bendegedig Hywel! Diolch yn fawr iawn! I’ve been searching for lesson 3 notes for ages and couldn’t find them anywhere. It was quite off-putting really because lesson 3 starts with a whole new tense and without these notes i was really struggling, so many thanks again. Let’s hope they are added alongside the other Lesson Guides asap for others like myself! Hwyl! Jan