Lesson 6.1 and other questions

Hey. I am posting this because I have got to lesson 6.1 and it told me to post a thread to say that I have got to that point. I also have some questions:

  1. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to read any Welsh until I had reached level 26 but I am finding it increasingly tempting to learn the sounds and start reading. Which lesson is it ‘okay’ to start reading? Or should I just learn to read the words and phrases from each lesson? I really don’t want to wreck my pronunciation. I have been I language hopper until know because I have never had any success with other language (because I was trying to learn them by reading not listening!) and am so glad that I have finally found a free course that focuses on speaking and listening first.

  2. I find it really hard to complete a full lesson in one sitting. Is it okay to do 10/15 minutes of a lesson a day? Does anyone else find this?

Thank you

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Welcome to the forum first and congrats to come this far. Those lessons 6 are interesting and the bonus one is something special although you don’t need ot do it if you don’t want it but I strongly suggest you do. You’ll have fun, you’ll see. :slight_smile:

If so (well my humble advise) then keep off reading for a while especially as Lesson 6.1 is quite early stage yet and especially as you said you had troubles with learning languages by reading and not speaking and litsening.

It is said all around the forum to go with what suits you. It can be more short sessions of the same lesson if you’re not too “happy” with sitting for the whole half an hour and study. If it’s not disturbing to you, you can also do something else while studying like doing housework around etc.

Well, at least this is what other learners suggest very often. I on the other hand usually sit for the whole lesson and study it and never (or really rearly) devide it into parts so I actually am not too keen to tell how ti really works.

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Yup, 10-15 minutes is my limit too.

As for reading, put it off as long as you can. I waited until finishing Course 1. It was tough but I did it. :slight_smile: I did reference the lesson guides though only to make sure I had the right sound. Some sounds like ‘f’ and ‘dd’ sound very similar.


Yes, I agree. I can listen to Welsh for hours often while doing something else. However I need to concentrate intensely on the lessons to gain from them and my brain used to give up after about 10 minutes. Now it usually lasts about15 minutes!

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Little by little and it will end up with the whole lesson. I’d say go with what you feel it suits to you the most.

And, for the comfort I also am one of those who has to sit and do the lesson due to concentration needed.

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Sure - anything you do on a regular basis will get you there eventually… :sunny:

As for 1 - to a certain extent, it’s a matter of personal taste - but if you can manage to get through to the end of Course 1 without doing any reading, I think it will stand you in very good stead… :sunny:

I’m doing Course 1 at the moment and I find the lessons too intense to do 30 minutes all in one go. Usually I do about 10 minutes, have a break and do something else and then come back to it later. So I end up doing 2 or 3 short sessions each day.

Thank you for the warm welcome @tatjana Of course I will do the bonus lesson! I’m not going to miss out on any Welsh learning I can get.

I will try and keep my promise of not reading until completing lesson 26 although it won’t take 26 days (as I originally though!)

Thank you everyone else. I will keep with my 10-15 mins a day. I think I will be more consistent with this because (in my busy life) it is easier to fit shorter bursts of learning than have to squeeze a longer session in and not really having the time to concentrate. Thankfully I can listen to Radio Cymru whilst doing other things (although I’m finding it hard to find programmes because the website is all in Welsh!)

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I too am here because I was told to post after reaching level 6 (old course). I love it. Do a lesson in the car to and from work each day. Much more useful than learning from a text book or an app like Duolingo. Thanks to Aran and everyone involved in creating the course. Ged

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