Lesson 13

Hi, can someone please help me please, I’m completely flummoxed. I can’t understand when I should use wrth i as apposed to wrth a’i, and wrth i ti instead of wrthot ti,I just can’t work it out. Any suggestions as how to know which I should use. Thank you.

Hi @michael-yorath

12 and 13 have a reputation as the most difficult lessons - the contents are repeated and tend to fall into place over a number of lessons.

Have you discovered the Vocab list?.. a red speech bubble on the iPhone - or a link on the Web (not on Android - you need to use the web link).

‘dweud wrth’ in Welsh - commonly translated as the very succinct ‘to tell’ - is more literally ‘to say to’. So you ‘say something to’ someone - ‘dweud rhywbeth wrth’…

Wrth is used for a thing or a third person eg

Dweud wrth yr hen ddyn - to tell (to say to) the old man.

The ending of wrth depends on who is being spoken to:

Wrtha fi (me)
Wrthat ti (you, familiar)
Wrtho fe (him)
Wrthi hi (her)

Wrthon ni (us)
Wrthoch chi (you, posh/plural)
Wrthon nhw (them)

If this doesn’t help let me know if you are doing north or south and give an example time eg 7.38 in the lesson, of the sentence which is confusing you,

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi Rich, thankyou for taking the time to help me. I’m still somewhat confused but you’re input does help, thank you.


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Hi @michael-yorath

Ok, no problem, so - are you doing north or south?

Could you give me an example sentence (or sentences) perhaps by giving the time where it appears in the challenge.

If we can pin down the sentence and the point of confusion I’m sure we can clear it up…

Rich :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time Rich. I’m learning South Wales Welsh", and I’ m confused with the placing of wrthot ti/wrtha’i.
For example; “He wanted me to tell you something”. = Oedd e’n moyn i fi dweud rhywbeth wrthot ti.
In the another sentence, “He wanted me to tell you what to do” = Oedd en moyn i fi dweud wrthot ti beth gneud.

Why is wrthot ti in the first sentece at the end, and in the second example not so.
Totally confused. Or have I got it wrong?

Thank you


OK, I see.

So, yes it can vary in a way which is probably broadly parallel to English…

The Welsh version of tell, is to say to - dweud wrth…

If you have something simple in English you might

‘say something to someone’

‘dweud rhywbeth wrth rhywun’

…everything is said in sequence - the standard order, if you like…

…but if you had something more lengthy or complex to say - you would get the ‘form of the person’ being spoken to, out of the way first…

Eg I said to him, if you want to get to the travelodge from here I’d go right at the next roundabout, first left, next right and it’s straight ahead …

Welsh is just the same…you’d put the wrth ahead of something lengthy/ more complicated.

…dwedais i wrtho fe, os (/'sech) chi’n moyn cyrraedd y Travelodge o yma…

Does that make sense?

Rich :slight_smile:

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Hi Rich, yes that makes more sense, now I need to do more practice, thank you very much for your help.


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Thanks for explaining this it’s help me as well

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