Lesson 1 or Challenge 1?

For the new course Level 1, there’s listed lessons 1-25.
When I opened up lesson 1, it showed up as “challenge 1” and right at its beginning confirmed that it’s a challenge. It also said to listen to the intro if you haven’t, but there’s no intro to be found. What am I missing or doing wrong here?

 -Owen Lewis

Just found it on the website. Must be a glitch on the apple App Store.

One other thing, it’s tellibg me that anything past lesson/challenge 15 of level 1 on the new course is premium content. However in the FAQ it says the entire level 1 is free…

Hello Owen,
as far as I know, courses are currently being reorganized a bit and I guess they forgot to update the FAQ.
Free challenges (lessons) are 1-15, at the moment. For more details about changes, why, how etc you can have a look around the forum or just ask, and @aran or someone from the staff will answer you.
I’m just another learner and I don’t know about this stuff!

Anyway one thing I can tell is that in 15 challenges there’s already a lot to keep oneself busy and entertained for a while, and figure out what to do next. :smiley:


Thanks for the heads up - yup, this is a recent change, and we need to change the FAQs - sorry about that but thanks for flagging it up… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for clarifying! Cheers

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Thanks for that, no worries just wanted to be sure where things were at. Cheers

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