Lesson 1 compared to course 1

I am new to say something in welsh, please can anyone tell what is the difference is between course 1 and lesson 1?

thank you


Course 1 is the older course; Level 1 is the newer course. The newer course is better written, but both courses have content the other doesn’t.


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so should i download both?

I would start with Level 1 and move on to level 2 and (eventually) 3; after that, it might be worth going over to the older courses to see what what you’ve missed.


I started with the old course got to lesson 7, spotted the new challenges, worked through all of those then returned to finish the old course. (now just starting on level 2).
They both give you slightly different things, but with plenty of common ground and I personally feel that it’s been worth doing the 50ish lessons in total that go to make up level 1 and course 1. It’s taken me just over 4 months to do all 50, some lessons I only needed to do once, others had to be repeated quite a few times.
Well worth every minute.


Great , thanks very much for the advice


See also the pinned thread

As well as various other threads such as Course 1 or Level 1? , Course 1 or Level 1? , Level 1 (New) or Course 1?

When I started out, I had a look through threads such as those and decided to go with the route that @hectorgrey mentioned: do all the Levels first, then optionally go back and do the older Courses. (I’m still partway through my journey through Level 1 right now.)

One thing that’s worth bearing in mind when reading old posts about Levels vs Courses is that Levels have a lot more content now :slight_smile: Level 1 and 2 are finished and work is progressing on Level 3 (Northern already has two challenges out), so you’re not likely to run out of material very soon, compared to two years ago when some of those threads were written.


Welcome to the forum @EmmaLouise first.

Then on - I didn’t have much choice when I started with SSiW (as you’ll see in many threads elswhere here) but to do old Courses first and then after all material was done (including Vocab lessons) I moved on to Levels. Maybe it worth to go through Levels first 8as @hectorgrey suggests) as going back to Course (If you’d have a wish to do them) is by my opinion easier then oposite way. I for example had quite hard time to adapt to slightly different material and (if you do southern course) many shortenings and “left outs”.

Going through the threads of the forum (as @philipnewton suggest) would worth to do also no matter old or new posts. You might get some ideas what was trouble for some of us and what was easier part of the material.

But I have no doubt, whatever yu choose to start first, you’ll do all just well.



I did much the same - maybe got past 7, I forget exactly. I got distracted and took forever to move past about 16 of the first level, so at end of 2016, I bit the bullet, moved from south to north and did all of Level 1, a day for each Challenge. Starting Level 2 today. Not sure you’ll really need the old course after Level3!! Croeso to the Forum! Any problems, just ask. Someone (probably lots of folk) will answer. Have a browse first, as a lot of questions have been answered already and most threads are in English so all can understand.