Learning Welsh via audio lessons whilst walking the dogs

I’ve been wondering if anyone has any suggestions that might help me learn Welsh. I’m in the very early stages of learning and I was thinking today that I should try and listen to Welsh audio lessons whilst I walk my dogs (which I have to do every morning and evening). This morning I got through an hour long audio book called “Rhythms Easy Welsh” which I stumbled upon and found it really useful, but I was hoping to find something that might be a little more structured. Are there any decent podcasts that people could suggest, or maybe an audio CD or even a YouTube channel?

Thanks for the help!


Honestly, I would suggest using the lessons available on this website in that manner (unless of course you’ve finished them all).


Yes agree concentrate on Jessie’s in Ssiw (good for walk in park) and use daily practices, vocal lessons That way you will build up confidence and get real good base for hearing more advanced stuff - oh and yes talk to the dog!!! Lol


Thanks for all the help! I didn’t realise the members courses were so long!

Ok, so I’ve so I’ve downloaded the android app on my Galaxy Note 4 and I’m encountering problems! I’ve been trying to sort it out for the past half an hour! When I log in the following happens:

1 - I get a message saying ‘login successful’.
2 - I’m (sometimes) taken to the page where you select south or north Walian.
3 - The sync icon spins up in the top right corner and a message pops up saying “downloading course details”.
4 - A message pops up saying “Could not refresh member only content. Either you are signed in with a non-member account (I don’t think I am…what is a non-member account) or you have signed in with this account on another device (I’m not, I’ve checked)

I’ve checked my browser and I’m not logged in anywhere else.
I’ve uninstalled the app several times and I keep getting the same message every time I try to log in.
I’ve reset my password twice and I still get the same message.

Any help on this would be much appreciated!

Right…I’m off to walk the dogs…they’ve been waiting for the last 30 min!

The Member only content is only available if you are paying a subscription for them, which is £3.95 a month for the Welsh course, or £6.95 a month for the polyglot plan. If you’re a member of the SSi Growth club you will also get access to the Member only content. The Non-member account is basically your login without a subscription. You can subscribe through the SSi website.
If you have subscribed and you still cannot get access beyond course/level 1, let @aran know so he can sort it at his end.
If it’s just on the app you’re having problems with, contact James @theblacksparrow and he may be able to guide you through getting set up.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the course.

Ahh, well I’m not subscribed so that might be it. As a work around I went to the website and downloaded the first lesson and then emailed the MP3 to myself which I then played on my phone as I walked the dogs.

This will work fine for me for the moment. Just out of curiosity what are the benefits to subscribing? Do I gain anything other than mobile access to the lessons? I can’t really afford another subscription just yet and my workaround seems to give me access to the basic lessons so I’m wondering what other benefits there might be. From glancing at the subscription page it doesn’t really outline the benefits of a free account over a paid account other than “Access to daily practice sessions”.

Thanks for all the help with this!



Yep, that’s the issue. The web server doesn’t return details about what type of account a user has, meaning the apps have to take a guess.

Even if you see the message that says member only content wasn’t downloaded, details about the free courses will have been downloaded, so it’s possible to follow level1/course1 using the apps without having a member account.


Well, you will get access to ALL the available Welsh courses - that’s Course 2 and Vocab lessons, and Course 3 for the old course, plus you will also get access to the daily practices of courses 1 and 2 of the old course (course 3 was never recorded as the new levels were being created).
You will also get access to all the new Levels as well, including listening practices - you only get access to Level 1 without subscription.
Oh, and these are available in both dialects, should you wish to switch or compare them!
All this for £3.95 per month.

Of course, as mentioned before, without subscription, you will still get access to the old course 1, vocab lessons and the weekly practices, the new Level 1, all in both dialects, and of course access to our award winning* forum where you will get plenty of support from other learners, speakers and the tutors.

  • our forum should be award winning!

Great, thanks for all the responses. I think I’ll just stick with the free account for the moment and see how I get on with that, then as I progress I might look into a subscription.

Thanks again!


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It is like learning any new language - use it, practise it. That is the only way.