Learning weekend

Prynhawn da! I’m about 4 months into my learning journey and I’m looking for an in person intensive learning weekend (if that is the right term). Has anyone attended one and perhaps could recommend something? Sadly I can’t get away for a full week!

Hi @olly-2 ! I can strongly recommend the weekends at Garth Newydd! :slight_smile: These are immersion weekends, rather than weekends poring over grammar books, so they are great fun as well as amazing learning opportunities - and you get to interact with first language speakers! We get fabulous feedback from people who’ve attended and its possible to see the improvement they make in their Welsh during the time they’re there. They’re so good, and such great value for money, that they’re all sold out at the minute, though. More dates will becoming and you can also request to go on a waiting list in case there’s a cancellation. Hope that helps! :slight_smile: Welsh Weekends / Penwythnosau – Paned.Cymru


If anyone would like to join us a short notice, space has become available for this weekend’s Penwythnos Garddio in Garth Newydd!! Stay for as few or as many nights as you like for only £50 a night! Head over to the website to grab a bargain - but when it’s gone, its gone!! Garddio/Gardening Mis Mehefin 22-25 (Dydd Iau/Sul) Single Room Cost £1 – Paned.Cymru :slight_smile:

Hiya, I’m interested in joining one of the walking weekends organised by paned.cymru which I saw you advertising here. I wanted to ask a question about it though (about whether I could bring my dog), and couldn’t see any contact information on the website! Do you know how I can contact the organisers? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

The email address is contactpaned at gmail.com :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for the reply. Is it somewhere on the website and I just didn’t see it? Or is it not on there? If not, seems like it might be a good idea to add it, either at the bottom of the page or with a ‘contact’ tab on the menu, or both. Or is there a reason you/they’ve chosen not to include it? (Don’t know if you’re part of the organising team or just a helpful person!)