Learning let it go from frozen in welsh

Hi guys does anyone want to join a mini welsh project?

I’ve been learning the song “let it go “ from the Disney movie frozen.
The song has been translated and sung in welsh on YouTube.

Who wants to learn as well?

I think the concept would be quite simple.

Just have a listen to the video, slow it down so it’s easier to hear each word and then attempt to pronounce. Word after word.

This is what I’ve been doing and I’ve found that I can remember it quite easily.
I think it’s because songs are super catchy so a great way to remember words.

However the most important part would be to speak it with others. So if we had a group, we could help each other out and get a chance to hear/ speak it from others.

Take a listen to the song.
It’s by Rebekah West.
If you punch in “ let it go in welsh ( live on bbc4)” into YouTube.
They are a few different formats of the video but this one I find is easiest to hear.

If you look for a format with lyrics this video is different but slightly more crackly.

I didn’t add any links because was weary about copyright ect. :grimacing:

Diolch! :dancer:t4::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


A great idea Oscar, I hope you get some people to join you.

Educational use is generally exempt from copyright terms, so we should be fine to post links here - and so here it is:


@siaronjames oh okay that’s good to know thanks!

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This is amazing! I’ve been doing my own not very good version of Do you want to build a snowman but this would be better.

I’m in!


@marifach that’s great!
Sorry for delayed response :sob:

Have you listened to the song?

I suggest maybe giving the first couple of lines a go and seeing if there is anything particular you want to focus on.
Then just flag it in the thread and we’ll have a look :grin:


Yes I am interested

Hello Oscar,
I can’t join you because my voice sounds like a creaking door and I’ve no sense of timing, but It’s a very good idea. I used to have a tutor who sung children’s songs and folk songs for us, and they’ve stuck in my head, so it like having a dictionary always available.
dymuniadau gorau
Roger Salt

Helô Oscar
I am doing the second year of Mynediad course,I like singing therefore would be interested in trying out the song if project still happening to add more geiriau.
Diolch Rob

I think it’s a good idea. During the first lockdown, someone made the suggestion of learning a Welsh song so, I had a crack at a few from Youtube such as, Hen Hen Dderwen Ddu, Llongau Carnarfon and Yn Harbwr Corc ( rather fast!). So, Good luck, it’ll be worth the effort.

Hi I would like to have a go at learning this song, mind you I cannot carry a tune so I sound awful,

David S