Learners who have to change providers

Would like to hear from other learners in Wrexham, Flintshire and Denbighshire who have lost their courses with Bangor University and are having difficulties or success in finding equivalent courses with Coleg Cambria.

Sorry only just noticed this! I am or was with Bangir and feel outraged that my choice of provider is being fixed and I will have less choice. I am shocked at this move since Bangir courses build to higher level of study. Personally feel motivated to begin something that can prompt return to Bangir and me be introduce even higher level still. We have been well looked after by Bangor( diolch pawb) but our new provider made it seems little attempt to help us regarding next year by direct contact. If things were a true market ( survival of the fittest) we just would not see this ‘forcing’ of learnings from Bangor -
Most shocking is that surely we all want to PROMOTE the learning and speaking of the language and for those who have spent years investing in Bangir courses feel let down. Because if SSIW I have only been here a short time but still prefer the methods here now to local providers. Could we do anything - could we get these courses now available on line even. It isn’t beyond us to set up our own meeting place and follow these courses thus way ??? Sure there are other solutions ?? Is there anyone out there ???

Thanks for your input
Will get back with an update tomorrow. Existing learners have been overlooked in North East Wales.