Learners/speakers in Brisbane

Helo. I am interested in meeting up with someone to practice speaking cymraeg. I am based on the north side of Brisbane. Would be looking for either a fellow learner or a native speaker.

I know of someone in Toowoomba … yes, I know, not exactly the “north side of Brisbane”, but relatively close in Australian terms :joy:
He’s in the Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group, so I’ve alerted him to your post :slight_smile:

@lynne_freudigmann is in Brisbane I believe. Learner. She came to bootcamp back in 2016.


Andy here, I live in Toowoomba. I’ve just returned from Bwtcamp in Tresaith and I am keen to keep using my Welsh.

Let me know if you are interested, I will send contact details.



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Hi Andy,

That would be great. But since you live in Toowoomba it would be difficult to meet in person unless you happenned to be visiting Brisbane or if I happened to be visiting Toowoomba.

We could correspond by email if you like.

How about Skype or similar?

I don’t have skype but I will see which program will work best for both of us. Do you have an android phone?

Hello. I live in York, England, but we are going to visit our son and family in Brisbane (Corinda) during October. I would be keen to meet up with you, if possible. In the past I have met up with Lynne Freudigmann there, but she didn’t reply last year. We have a daughter too in Toowoomba and would normally visit her, but her job is a bit precarious and so we might not get there this time.

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Ok. That would be great. My e-mail is deanwade5@gmail.com