Learners in Lampeter?

Shwmae…any welsh learners in Lampeter who would like to practice speaking? Im just on last week of level one.

I’ll pop a note in this week’s newsletter for you, @kiara-dixey :slight_smile:

Hi Kiara

We have a CYD Group every Friday morning at the Caffi Hafan (part of Rhiannon’s) in Tregaron at 11am for an hour. We are Welsh learners and usually there is a lady with us whose first language is Welsh and she is very good at helping us. We talk about anything really, over coffee or whatever, and it is a friendly enjoyable social event as well as really good Welsh practice. You, and anyone else, are most welcome to come and join us.

You could ask in the Mulberry Bush Health Food shop if they still have a Welsh conversation group meeting there. Pre-Covid I used to live in Llandysul and I sometimes made it along to that group. It was on a Tuesday morning from memory, upstairs at the back of the shop and they were an extremely welcoming group - a mixture of first language speakers happy to help and a range of learners.