Learners in Conwy / Llandudno

Hi, any learners in the Conwy / Llandudno area who would like to meet for speaking practise / to go over grammar / whatever! I started off with SSiW a few years ago and am currently learning at Uwch level at Bangor University.


Oo yes! I’m in Llandudno :slight_smile: I’m only on Welsh 3 of the 6 month course though


Hi Cathy! You’re not far from me at all then! I’m not familiar with the 6 month programme, will have a nosey now! Happy to meet up if you fancy it - there may be some others on here in our area too.

Fab! (That was supposed to say week 3 btw lol)

You might also find www.saysomethingin.com/wsp - our Welsh Speaking Practice group - helpful… :slight_smile:



There is a group that meet in Gwesty Cae Mor each Thursday morning 10 - 11.30. Also another group that meet in Siop Lewis Friday morning 10.30 - 11.30 ish. Also many other groups meeting weekly - but I do not have these detail to hand at the moment.

I would be happy to meet up to practice speaking welsh - subject to being available.


I have just returned from bootcamp and would love to meet as I can’t make the Thursday or Friday group.

Hoping to come along to the Thursday group soon though :slight_smile:

Would you be able to get me the details of the other groups please Hugh. I’m trying to find an evening group :slight_smile:

Great to see there’s a couple more people interested! Thanks for the info Hugh, but as I work full time I’d be looking to meet either in the evening or at the weekend. I’m not sure I could commit to every week due to other commitments (including Welsh lessons and a Welsh choir!) but was thinking maybe once a month or something?

Does anyone have any preferences as to where to meet?

I live in Rhos on Sea but happy to travel. Any evening apart from
Thursday is good for me. Where is your Welsh choir please Lizzie?

Dysgwr Cymraeg? Welsh Learner?


Bore Sadwrn Mai 12fed am 10yb

Cyfle i ymarfer / ddefnyddio eich Cymraeg

Cwrdd a Gaffi Llan, Llansantffraid (tu Allan) am 10yb

i fynd am dro a sgwrsio yn Y Gymraeg

Yn dychwelyd i Gaffi Llan tua 11yb i gael coffi/brecwast

Os dach chi ddim eisiau mynd am dro, picio ar draws i Gaffi Llan tua 11yb i gael sgwrs

Croeso cynnes iawn i ddysgwyr a siaradwyr Cymraeg rhugl


Saturday 12th May at 10am

An opportunity to practice/use your Welsh

Meet outside Caffi Llan, Glan Conwy at 10am

and go for a walk and chat in Welsh

Returning to Caffi Llan around 11am for coffee/breakfast

If you don’t want to walk, pop over to Caffi Llan 11am for a chat

Welsh learners and fluent speakers are both very welcome.

Cysylltwch a/Contact: Colin Holt colinnholt@aol.com

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Ac hefyd

Cyfarfod Mis Mai - nos Iau 10 fed Mai. 7 o’r gloch.

Taith cerdded hanesyddol o amgylch pentref Glanwydden dan arweiniad hanesydd lleol, Ginni Rivers.

Byddwn yn mynd i’r dafarn ‘The Queens Head’ am ddiod neu panad ar ôl y daith.

Cwrdd ym maes parcio’r dafarn.

Our May meeting will be on Thursday 10th May at 7 o’clock.

Local historian Ginni Rivers will lead an historical walk around the village of Glanwydden.

We will go to ‘The Queens Head’ pub after the walk for a drink.

Meet in the pub car park.

Croeso i bawb!

Cyfarfod Mis Mehefin ar nos Iau 14eg Mehefin.

Taith cerdded natur efo gwirfoddolwr o Ymddiriedolaeth Natur Gogledd Cymru.

Mwy o fanylion i’w dilyn.

Our June meeting will be on Thursday the 14th June

A nature walk with a volunteer from North Wales Wildlife Trust.

More details soon.

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Mae’n ddrwg gen i bostio sawl gwaith ond 'swn i’n hoffi dod i gyfarfod gyda’r nos hefyd. {yn amodol ar argaeledd)

I’m sorry for the multiple postings, I should like to come to the occasional evening meeting - subject to availability.

Thanks Hugh, that’s really helpful.

Evenings are definitely better for me too. I work in England so I’m often away during the week. That means I can rarely do Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Thursdays are often ok (though I go to a book group once a month) or weekends.

Also Harvey posted a message re meetings in the Castle View in Deganwy, Monday lunchtimes- unfortunately he gave an incorrect phone number. The contact is Ifor Williams 01492 582012 and not 01492 583012.

Dw i’n credu bod Cor y Dysgwyr yn cyfarfod bob prynhawn Mercher yn Capel Peniel Deganwy. Wybodaeth Cliff - 01492543247/cliffrhys@hotmail.com.

I am very sorry for cluttering up the thread with multiple postings - but this this relates to the Learners Choir - contact is Cliff Matthews.

Hugh, no need to apologise. You seem to be a fountain of knowledge on Welsh activities, which is great! Unfortunately I can’t attend either of the ones you’ve mentioned for this week, as I have Welsh class on Thursday evening and Saturday is Welsh exam preparation day at the Uni.

Nicola - the choir I go to is actually not the one Hugh mentioned! It’s Cor Alaw, held in Ysgol Bod Alaw, Colwyn Bay. It’s on Monday evenings from 7pm to 8.30pm. I only joined a couple of weeks ago but I love it! The conductor speaks 99% Welsh when teaching / leading. Songs are in Welsh, English, and we’ve got a Latin one too. A lot of people are fluent in Welsh with it being their first language, but there are some other learners too. I also know of one person who knows no Welsh at all. As well as listening to the Welsh, I’m finding that I’m already picking up vocab / grammar patterns from the lyrics.

So evening wise, I can’t do Mondays because of choir. Cath can’t always do Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and neither Nicola nor I can do Thursdays! Hugh I’m not sure what days you can do - let us know! Cath, if there are some Wednesdays you can do, for example, would this work if we did every other or once a month or something?

Alternatively, we could do a weekend day, or maybe do that to meet initially and then see where we go from there?

I could do the odd Saturday, there is no specific evening each week that I could make so would have to take each session as it comes.

There is a tutor led session in Siop Lewis on 02/06/2018 - Gwawr Dafydd 07503 071 210 is the contact. I believe she runs an informal session in one of the pubs in Conwy one evening each week but do not know where or when…

Also usually on third Saturday of each month there is a meeting at Rhos Fynach in Rhos on Sea - usually the same people that meet on Thursday am at the Cae Mor. But not sure if there is one in May - will confirm when I know.

Lizzie - I did arholiad uwch last year and would be happy to try to help you prepare (if I can).

Thanks for all the informtion :slight_smile: how do you find out about all these Hugh? I can do the odd weekend but we go away alot so will try and make the groups suggested on weekends when i’m around. My course doesn’t run during half terms so could do Thursdays in the holidays :slight_smile:
My son goes to Bod Alaw, would love to come along to the choir at some point