Learner wishing to speak to patient listener - whatsapp?

I am beginner - 6 mnth course week 10 - I live in Italy, no chance of speaking to anyone locally, (even in Italian at the moment as we are not allowed out!), is it possible to speak in any way to someone via whatsapp? (which is about the only system I am used to using) … if there is a better way I am willing to try and work it out, …if some kind soul wants to try to speak or hear me speak let me know Diolch yn fawr

There are members here who use Skype, and there must be some who know their way around WhatsApp, but the way many of us chat online is in the Welsh Speaking Practise (WSP) group on Slack. Although any new system is always daunting at first, it’s pretty straightforward once you’re used to it. You can use it to have 1-to-1 chats or group hangouts with people of all levels all over the world. If you want to give it a go, just ask for an invite from admin@saysomethingin.com and there’s plenty of help here and on the Slack forum to help get you find your feet :slight_smile:

If you’re doing the 6 month course @william-george, you should also have access to SSiW 6/6 Support on Slack - have you found/are you using this? As if so, you can also speak to people 1:1 using Slack - either just audio, or with visual too if you have a camera on the device that you go onto Slack with. That’s how I started speaking to others in Welsh.

If you’re on Slack already you’ll know there are lots of different channels, and you can use these to ask if anyone is free to chat /happy to arrange a chat for when they are free (help @Deborah-SSi, sure you can explain this much more clearly than me!). These include channels for each 5 challenges of a level, which might help if you’re wanting to find someone at a similar level. But everyone’s friendly, and it’s a brilliant resouce - very happy to catch up with you there for a chat if I’m free.
(Are you doing Northern or Southern course William-George?)