Learner Weekend: Abergavenny



@Deborah-SSi? :slight_smile:

Snap :slight_smile:

Oops. I knew it looked familiar!

Maybe the colour change threw me :slight_smile:

Yes - the colour had me puzzled for a minute too. I had to check the other to see the dates were the same.

Ble yn Y Fenni ydy e yn union? Hoffwn i ddod. Rhoi fy enw a’r rhestr plis. Diolch, , Gaynor

Just a message to say that although this is a welsh forum the majority of posts are in english.

Don’t worry about it. I’ve fallen foul of this many times myself. It can be difficult for people just starting to understand welsh only posts so providing the english translation is one option.

The welsh post thread is “be dach chi’n gwneud rwan” which contains very little english and allows you to practice your written welsh.

Oh and croeso to the forum!

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Hi Thank’s for the tip.
I assumed as you were answering my questions,you understood me so I carried on twittering in welsh. Then I did forget it is a Forum.

It’s fine…many people on here have a good grasp of welsh, me included (yes @aran i did just admit that).

it just helps those who have just started to either post in english or provide the translation.

Ond paid â phoeni, dwi wastad yn hapus i weld cymraeg ar y fforwm!

But do not worry, I’m always happy to see Welsh on the forum!

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It’s run by cymdeithas yr iaith cymraeg - you’ll need to contact them to find out more, and book a place

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