Learner of the Year, first round in Monmouth on Saturday 7 May

Who else going to be there? Someone told me they would be there but I’m afraid I can’t find the message.

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Good luck to @margaretnock and all the rest who might/will be there competing!

[size=30]POB LWC![/size]

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Pob lwc pawb.


Well, @margaretnock I found this for you. Here it is:

Clicking on the link besides my entry will lead you exactly to this message in another topic where there is more information about when there’s @llanddinol’s turn and all the talk you’ve done abou tthis matter.

Good luck to both of you! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @tatjana.

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Pob lwc, @margaretnock!

Argh! This has kind of snuck up very quietly and I didn’t get it in the weekly email in time. Usually there are a few people asking for practice partners over Skype etc. Does this mean that the two of you will be the only SSiWers there this year?

Pob lwc a mwynhewch!


It looks like it @dee I must say I’m a bit surprised. Perhaps only two who use the forum.

In the VERY DISTANT future, maybe … who knows …

It’s too late for this year but you really could do it next year. Although the quality of your language counts for something it’s as much about the inspiration you are to others. You have it made there @tatjana



Thank you @margaretnock, however, I’ve re-done 3rd vocab lesson yesterday only to find out how much I still don’t know/remember. But, yes, a year is as long as it’s short periode so everything still can happen until the next year although happenings around here don’t show any sense of pleasant things so the learning is a bit (well quite actually) disturbed by phsychical pressure I’m under at the moment.

Good luck to all who’d be there competing once again!

I found out today that @carallywelyndavies has entered too. Is that right? Anyone else?

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Five chosen to go through again this year, not including me or @llanddinol. I’m afraid I didn’t catch all their names, but they were all women. 14 interviewed on site plus 3 via Skype. All those chosen to go through were in Monmouth today.

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I’m sorry none of you went through. It would be nice to see you on main competition on national Eisteddfod. :slight_smile:

I also learned that 99 people have applied to volunteer in Maes D during the Eisteddfod week (so far) and that the organiser (who also ran today’s event) plans to give everyone one slot throughout the week. Bang goes my plan to volunteer each day and thus to get free entry all week. A weeks ticket is £96! Ouch!

And that’s the Early Bird price!

Oh dear! It maybe worth volunteering to do general tasks outside of Maes D. https://www.eisteddfod.wales/volunteering


I’m sorry to hear this :pensive:

Don’t worry. I met some lovely people, got a fairly serious bit of knitting done, had some lovely cake, spoke some Welsh, learned how people were buried at different times in prehistory in Gwent. What else could a woman need from a day? Going through would have been good, but I’m not devastated that I didn’t.


It is probable that the five ladies who progressed were under 30. One of those works full time with Menter Iaith and she also attended the local Welsh Secondary School.

It would have been nice to have progressed to the next stage but I am not unduly concerned.The day was enjoyable (much better than last year).Perhaps the best bit was speaking with Nia Parry several times. I was perhaps lucky in that I knew virtually everyone who was helping, people on the various stands and members of the folk group.

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