Learn Calon Lan for free with SSiW!

Using our unique and proven SSi Method, we’ve created mini-courses for Calon Lân which are absolutely free to download. This mini-courses effectively teaches correct pronunciation as well as the true meaning of the words.

What better way to welcome Gatland back as the head coach of our national rugby team and no better way to show our players that the whole of Wales is behind them during this Six Nations Championship, than getting everyone in that stadium and across the world singing with passion and camaraderie.

Trying one of our free courses is a great way to kick start a learning journey, so if you’ve a friend or family member who’s been thinking about learning but hasn’t yet taken the plunge, please share this with them.

So please share, share, share and let’s get the nation singing!


Diolch Catrin,

I’m still working my way through the National Anthem course, but definitely want to add Calon Lan to my list.

Pob hwyl, Bill


Splendid! I know bits of the hymn from my time in Wales hundreds of years ago. It has a beautiful melody. But the most beautiful melody in the world, I think, is that of ‘Dafydd y garreg wen’ (though I’m not so fond of the words, which were added much later to the melody - I have a rough understanding of them). Might you consider that? And perhaps ‘Myfanwy’, which the Morriston Orpheus Choir sings beautifully?

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I just finished learning the words to Calon Lân, and it was great fun! I also found some sheet music online so my husband can play it for me on the piano.