Language transfer

Worked better for me. And its free. Id say give it a look

I’ve tried it myself for Greek and I did the German course just to see how it felt to an advanced learner. The Greek course was very good, the German one less so, but that’s probably because (apart from Greek and Turkish) Mihalis doesn’t actually speak the languages taught on Language Transfer.

LT is good at what it does, which is to be a Pimsleur course clone in structure and content, but like Pimsleur its weakness is the sheer quantity of English that’s used. I’ve found that the thirty minute SSI lessons cover a lot more than LT does, and each lesson features a lot less English than the shorter LT ones and also gets you using your target language a lot more.

SSI also gets you making a lot more of your own mistakes, rather than listening to the mistakes of fictional recorded students and the instructor explaining (in English) why they’re wrong.

I wouldn’t say that either is objectively better- both are good at what they set out to do. LT is meant to be quicker, lighter, easier and less demanding than something like SSI, and if that’s what people need to get them on a language-learning journey then they should go for it.

As for it being free, well… value for money is a very relative thing. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I just found this topic as I’m currently learning Greek with the LT course. I’d say it’s more like a Michel Thomas course than a Pimsleur course, and I think Mihalis does speak German and Spanish too but he’s not a native. Still, they’re brilliant courses. I have learned so much from LT Greek course so far and look forward to seeing what level I’ll be at when I finish it.

If you know of any other good resources for learning Greek, please let me know!