Language for children

Hi there,
I’m wanting to include my daughter in my learning journey… I was wondering if there were any phrases that I could use when speaking to her, like “let’s brush your teeth” or “time to go night night”… Even just “I love you”… That sort of thing…
Im only up to challange 22 at the moment, really enjoying it, and my daughter who’s only 2, is who I mainly practice on, so instead of asking who she met at the pub it might be nice to ask how her day was a crèche…
Many thanks - Sian


Have you had a look on YouTube? There’s Aran’s Bedtime Welsh where he roped in his more or less willing kith and kin. Very entertaining. The earlier ones might well fit into your category. (More mature beginners can also learn quite a bit, there are 100 (?) episodes!


Here’s the link to Aran’s channel on YouTube that Sanne mentioned -
You’ll find all the Bedtime Welsh episodes here and more besides.


If you can get on a short free Clwb Cwtsh course, or look up some of their materials & YouTubes, they cover all those topics for you & your child - playtime, getting dressed, eating, getting ready for bed etc, along with lots of songs. They are run by Mudiad Meithrin groups